Water Lily.

Water Lilies are superb and splendid flowers which grow in water.

Lilies, which grow in gardens are beautiful flowers which are normally white in colour and they are very famous all over the world. So much hype and attention is attached with the flower “Lily” that anyone hardly ever knows that any such flower as “water lily” exists.

But water lilies are altogether different kind of flower. They live and breathe in water. Water lilies are found in ponds. When many of such flowers bloom in water, they look extremely beautiful. It feels as if dew drops have expanded and filled the pond with pure, serene and beautiful water and the flowers feel as if God Almighty has handcrafted them with care and love.

These flowers are rare and can be hardly seen. But when looked at carefully, you can find one or two water lilies growing in a pond.

Spot a water lily if possible, be it white or pink and try to appreciate its purity.

close up photography of water lily

These flowers are for my maternal grandparents, mom and dad


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