A Rose for the Garden of My Maternal Grandfather in Heaven.

My maternal grandfather is a big King. He resides high up in heaven and there, he has a wonderful garden. His garden is loved by all good souls, who reside there. On earth, he was a superb and brilliant gardener.There wasn’t a single flower, plant or garden that would not have flourished under his hands. Even after suffering physically due to an illness, he continued gardening and that kept him going.

It’s a very rare privilege to get a visit invitation to his garden. Till date we (my mother, me and my father haven’t got a one), but my heart says very   soon we would get one.

There each and every type of beautiful flower is available and at that garden all the “Big Bosses” of heaven go to get themselves inspired and to have a nice time; otherwise continuously helping all the souls on earth, is an energy sucking and tedious activity.

You wouldn’t miss a single flower at my maternal grandfather’s garden and at various places in his garden, he has placed garden gnomes. While there are few original gnomes over there,but they often get mixed up with the garden gnome statues as it is hard to tell the difference between a real one and a statue and garden gnomes are very clever, sweet and happy beings. If you ever see them walking, dancing or singing, they become so still that you couldn’t believe your eyes, whether it is an original or false one.



Well, he loves roses. We would meet him after so many years, that it was hard for us to select a particular rose. But finally, we may have zeroed upon one, which shall make him very happy.I wouldn’t reveal the colour, it is a secret.

Waiting for the moment………………………. when we visit his garden.


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