Banana Syrup on Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Waffles are mouth-watering, soul satisfying food items. So, on a recent sojourn to a nearby pastry and waffle store, we were wondering what to buy? It was early in the morning, the shop had opened half an hour back and they had nothing ready to eat. We took a look at the menu and found out that there were many sorts of waffles, some with chocolate, some with this and others with various sorts of mixtures.

We ordered for the waffle with vanilla ice cream on it and with it we selected the banana syrup to go with it.

The counter man told us to wait fifteen minutes. At a nearby table we sat down and waited patiently for the order to come. After twenty minutes or so, the order came and two plates of gigantic waffles were placed right infront of us. We were bewildered. Upon asking the waiter about the huge sized waffle, he replied-“waffle with vanilla ice cream comes double layered with slight flavour of butterscotch cream in between the layers of the waffles.”

For five minutes we were simply staring at it, thinking how to eat such a big waffle and on the top of it, the ice cream was also placed as in four big scoops with a red cherry on top it.

berries blur cake cherries

Slowly, slowly, we dug into the waffle and started eating it. It was simply delicious to have and before we knew, the waffle got over. It was registered straight into the streets of our stomach and we had a marvellous time having it. The banana syrup had blended perfectly with the ice cream and the waffle and the syrup gave the waffle a unique and majestic taste.

Thanking God for such a delicious waffle time, we came back home and had a nice sleep. We had slept through lunch and when we woke up, it was half past four.

The taste of the waffle with vanilla ice cream, red cherry and banana syrup remained in my mouth throughout the day. I even dreamt of it. That with the fairies and pixies were having the same double sized waffle with vanilla ice cream, red cherries on top of it and layered with banana syrup.


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