Three Boys Racing Over Sand Dunes.



Sand dunes are generally found in desserts. Have you ever tried to you walk on it? Or for a not so good reason tried to run upon it? If you have, then you shall definitely know that sand dunes are the worst places to try running second to quick sand. Your legs get embedded and stuck for a few seconds if you try to run over a sand dune and your shoes gets filled with sand, because a sand dune is a sort of dessert hill and to perform any sort of sprinting exercise, one needs to have God’s help.

Well, sand dunes are not only available in dessert. When workers dump sand for building construction purpose, a type of mini sand dune gets created and children play over it.

So, for some road work few masons had dumped sand on the road side and three small boys were racing in a criss-cross manner, country road style. Two of them would race from one side and the other one would race over from the other side. This continued till all of them got exhausted and the last one to race would win it.

The losers would have to buy a packet of gems chocolate to the winner.

They began racing in that criss-cross manner. An hour went by, still the race continued, they were feeling tired yet to not lose they kept on playing. Suddenly they saw their mathematics teacher coming towards them from across the street. It was a Sunday, so the school was closed. On seeing their teacher whom they feared a lot, three of them ran straight for their homes, without wasting a second. With the speed that they ran they would have given a tough competition to any modern bike. Upon reaching their homes, they didn’t meet and speak to each other for the whole day and when asked by their mothers that why had they come home running so fast, they all had kept their mouth shut.

Actually, their mathematics professor had come in their locality to meet with his sister and he hadn’t even noticed those boys.

When the boys met again on Monday, they decided to race again in the evening, before the sunset and a small Cadbury bar was the prize.


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