Thirty Chocolates.

Now, chocolates are a big draw for children. So a child was constantly nagging to his mother to buy twenty chocolates for him, so that according to the offer given, he would get ten chocolates free. His mother was adamant on the fact that she would only buy him five chocolates.

The boy-“I want to give chocolate to my friends.”

Mother-“You had given them chocolates the last month.”

The boy-“Please, buy it for me mom.”

His mother suddenly had an idea. When moms all over the world get such ideas, most of the time they shine with brilliance.

The mother-“I would buy you a hundred chocolates, if you finish two maths and science chapters by the end of this weekend.”

Instantly the boy said-“Mom, can we go home? I want to go home and then play with Ramu  ( his school friend).

Mother-“What about the chocolates?”

The boy-“ I still have two packets of the same chocolate at home.”

The mother nodded her head with a hmmm.

They paid the bill for all the items that they had bought at the store and after they got into the car, the boy was feeling a little bit sad, when suddenly a chocolate bar came infront of his eyes.

He looked in surprise towards his mother and his mother was smiling.

Taking the chocolate bar from his mom,the boy said-“Thank you,mom.I will go home and study those chapters and sorry that I asked for so many chocolates.”

His mother simply chuckled to his response and they went home happily.

This is a general story and the world is based on such stories which keeps it moving.


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