The Elephant in the Room.

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The elephant in the room is a metaphor which is used as a metaphor. It is a famous one; which means –“avoiding the big problem or matter and skipping around it.”

According to me there are two meanings to the phrase-“The elephant in the room”. The first one is the famous meaning of it and the second one is what I have deduced from the phrase itself and that is-“the one who dominates or is the bigger matter over here.”

Elephants are magnanimous animals weighing around 5000 Kg on an average and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, imagine if an elephant is standing in a room, it will nearly take up all the space of that particular room and if a human is present inside that same room, then he or she will be cowering for protection or will seek to save himself or herself in whichever way possible.

In contrast to all allegories or metaphors or statements, an elephant cannot be present in a room by any virtue, save in a fantasy land.That is the only place where such miracle is possible.

Anyone with a dominating nature, is definitely the elephant in the room. There are many such elephants roaming here and there; worldwide, in offices, in schools, etc. But its a pity that in reality there are a very few of them in wildlife. Wildlife elephants are thousand times better than human beings who act as elephants. True elephants are caring, loving, protecting and preserving; wherefore humans have all the same qualities, but they generally take the bus which is going in the opposite route. To get on to the correct bus, it takes more than a Herculean effort, it requires God Almighty’s help, without which, the bus may keep on going in the opposite direction forever and ever.

Elephants hardly need guidance. They in their herd are well secured, established and always prospering. Though sometimes, they cause a lot of damage, but most of the time, it is due to being hurt or on being provoked.

Try to be the ant in the room ,as it is better to be ant rather than being an elephant.

For a human, elephant is a symbol of knowledge, memory, authenticity, tradition and maybe sometimes or often ego.

Good always begets good. Ego always begets downfall. Throw it away and be happy.

the elephant in the room


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