2 + 1 Free.

Free, freebies and freeness is what we all humans like. If anything is free, even be it crap will get a human’s attention. Rs.500 gift coupon included is a new motto of the companies and people are nearly mad for such freebies. Thousand rupees discount on purchase of Rs.4000, is a lucrative offer which generally leads to stores reaching their targets much before the month end and all sales men go home happily.

Shirts, pants,toys, shoes,toothbrushes, are all given in the offer of 2+1 free. People go the supermarket with a budget of about Rs.2000-4000 and end up spending nearly the double or triple of it. Kurtis, denims, stylish shoes are a big draw for ladies .If there is an offer of a jeans jacket or pant free for spending Rs.3000, then there will definitely be a rush in that store.

Offer on shoes drive both men and women. If any store which is making a loss, opens a shoes section and gives nice offers on it, then they are sure to be back in business.

But such offers are very common now a days, so much that many are weary of such offers.

In the old days, the maximum offer that they would offer is buy two chocolates and get one free. Such offers would bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Everything is 2 + 1 now a days, but the truth and smiles aren’t.


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