Bread Sandwich with Tomato, Cucumber, Butter and Sauce.

When I was in school, Ma would frequently make beautiful sandwiches made with bread from a local bakery.

The bakery wouldn’t make something wonderful of a bread, but their breads would taste a bit smoky and lighter and softer.

Early in the morning, Ma would get up before I would be up and she would make me delicious tiffins.

One day, I was late in getting up, so I didn’t to get to check my tiffin box before Ma packed it in my school bag.

I managed to reach school just five minutes before the assembly bell rang, so again I didn’t get to check my tiffin box.

The first three periods were spent learning all the things which hardly matter after you have passed from school. So as usual I was waiting for the first recess to come fast, but it came on its own sweet time.

bread sandwich.png

As soon as the first recess bell rang, I packed all my books in my bag and took out my tiffin box and soon as I did so, beautiful aroma of tomato, bread and butter started drafting into my nostrils. In an instant I recognized the smell of Ma’s handmade sandwiches. I opened the lid of my tiffin box and inhaled the beautiful and majestic smell and sight of those white and buttered sandwiches.

Ma had them billion times multiplied by infinity above any master chef present anywhere else in the world. Ma had given me four double layered sandwiches, each cut into a triangular half. Luckily all of my classmates had left for playing football, otherwise they would have had been pestering me for the sandwiches. I tried to eat them like a gentlemen, but Ma had made them so deliciously, that I gobbled up three sandwiches within ten minutes and left the other one for the second break. During the second break, I had only half of the sandwich and the other half I would have after reaching home.

Baba had eaten the sandwiches in the morning breakfast, before leaving for office and later he told us, that he too had liked them a lot.

I was so very happy having those sandwiches, that when Ma came to take me home , I told her-“Ma, those sandwiches, which you had given me today, were simply superb.”

Even the photos and textures of sandwich images available online, cannot match the texture and look of Ma’s handmade sandwiches.

Ma smiled and we went home happily.


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