Reading Habits.

Making a habit of reading anything be they books , magazines, newspapers or newsletters is a very good thing.

Reading is an activity which is seldom practiced by people. In this 4g generation, everything is superfast. Anything quick and simple is the motto of the people. Once, upon a time, all used to wait for telegrams and letters and when one used to reach, all would rush to read it. Now no one even bothers to read sms or e-mails. Social media is the only mode viable for most of them.

Reading a book is a habit which parents must initiate for their child as early as possible, so that the child learns to appreciate and recognize the real and truthful values of the world. Books make the backbone of a child’s learning abilities. As a student be it a boy or a girl must learn to read books. Many schools have now adapted the tablet learning method and electronic gadgets are playing a role in one’s learning and education, in ways which were never ever seen or thought of before.

Enid Blyton and the Harry Potter books no.1,2 and 3 are  best suited for children.

For children approaching their teens or those who are in their teens, books by Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Hemmingway, O.Henry, William Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Harper Lee, Oscar Wilde, W.Sommerset Maughm, Leo Tolstoy, Thomas Hardy, Margaret Mitchell, help them get maturity.

Eva Ibbotson is an excellent author, whose books are like the soft clothes for children. The small cap or hat which a mother places on her babies head is a cloth made of super soft cotton and reading her books gives the same feelings. She is an author whose books take us to a world which is beyond imagination and reach. It is a mighty  and a true privilege to read her books.

The authors whom I have named above are a few of the authors, whose books make us rich in history, past thought waves, past cultures and reading such books, enriches our soul and mind. The gem of a work which such authors have left behind are rare to be found again. Their stories, tales, works must be understood, pondered upon and thought about. These are the books which connect us with our roots, history and it is the past which has made the future.All have taken inspiration from them.

Once, reading becomes a kid’s habit; nothing can stop him or her from reading more and more books. Reading newspapers is another good habit, which can be cultivated for a child to learn and grow upon.

Adults are no different than kids. There are many, who love to learn something new and to read books. Book reading cultivates happiness, knowledge, sensibility and respect for each and everything that exists under the sun.

Fairy tales which are nice and beautiful gives encouragement, happiness and the wish to keep on reading books. Good books are a rare commodity on earth. You will find in a bookshop, that there are many books written by innumerable authors. Out of a million books, hardly twenty books will keep you hooked on to it. That’s because the other books might not connect us with the child inside us. Adventures, actions and fiction are best when they are under the guise of childhood adventures.

Being able to read and feel the stories is God’s grace and blessings. When we read any Enid Blyton, it reaches the core of our soul immediately, as it is full of wonder of the simplest things. Out of all the things present on Earth, a smiling sun, the blowing wind and the warmth of a hearth, is enough for a good night’s sleep and a peaceful and a nice sleep is all that we want.

Reading and reading a lot of books is a very good and superb habit and it must be practiced till eternity, as God is infinite, so are books.

A book which creates beautiful waves in your heart and lets your ship sail smoothly on it, know it to be a book worth reading, loving and respecting.

I hope that reading good books for you, brings out the best in you and it lets you keep on reading and reading more and more good books.


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