Donuts with Butter Sweet Bun..

We had ordered for donuts from a multinational store. These multinational stores are somewhat like multinational companies, which try to go with the mood of the nation. But these donuts, are very well made and suit each and everyone’s flavour.

Donuts are God Almighty’s gift to humanity. Atleast some progress has been made and sweet buns are hand made by none other the Biggest Master Himself i.e. Lord The One and Only and when these two combinations are had together, then one can merrily dance around hand in hand with angels and the archangels might even join in. I know a few of them, and they do like to have donuts with sweet buns; otherwise they start getting cranky and no one wants their angels to be cranky early in the morning.

If you ever want to make anyone happy, gift them with donuts and sweet buns.

In the newspaper, an extra leaflet was given in it. There was a coupon off 25% for donuts. So we ordered for a box of six donuts and with it I ordered a packet of buttered sweet buns from the local bakery.

With those sweet and soft donuts, the sweet buns tasted wonderful and by having them with tea, life felt “alive”. Good and gracious food is like oxygen without which you cannot live and if it is insufficient then the need for it increases, but food should be had in moderate amounts. Anything more or less is healthy for a self.

What is Realization? It is nothing but donuts and sweet buns.



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