Potato Pumpkin Pie.

This morning, which might not have been very sunny, but by having a medium sized potato pumpkin pie, our lives felt successful. Mashed potatoes made softly with crushed pulpy pumpkin and when both the ingredients are made into a pie, it tastes out of the world. On this pie if you put a piece of buttered bread , one on the top and one on the bottom, then it simply zings you out of this world.

yellow oval potato

Potato pumpkin is one those few dishes, which you will never forget in your life.

It is a beautiful dish and with few pieces of grated cheddar cheese on top of it with a cherry or two to go with, simply makes your heart melt with love and happiness.

agriculture autumn cropland delicious

The name “potato pumpkin pie” sounds different from the rest of the pies, but it is prepared as a normal pie. The flavour and sweet taste of the pumpkin is the main thing which is to be held in the highest regard; for there is nothing more delicious than a sweet and beautiful pumpkin and they are made by God Almighty himself. Pumpkin’s subtle, sweet and delicious taste slowly floats to your nose and that is what makes the pie successful. A few dollops of white butter garnished with sugar, on the pie wouldn’t do much harm as once it is inside the stomach, it ensures a sweet and nice sleep.

sliced dessert on top of white ceramic plate

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