A Green Tree.

A huge green tree is a sign of good fortune, good luck and all happy things. Trees are the basics of our ecosystem and they play a magnanimous role in our childhood.

Standing on the side of the road, a big tree with looks simply marvellous to look at and with it’s leaves blowing in the wind, the tree becomes more alive.

As children we would go and hide behind large trees while playing hide and seek and often our friends would give up searching and we used to win the game, as the tree’s huge bark would hide us very nicely.

Today, the number of large or big trees are very less, but few days back, we went to a place where many different types of trees had grown at the same place and they formed a nice, wonderful and beautiful covering over our heads. It felt as if Mother Nature was providing us with a cool shed. With thunder and lightning occurring across the sky, cool breeze was blowing and few leaves were falling down from the trees and it felt as if nature was blooming and growing in all directions and that nature would stand again protecting and giving us shelter with all its love, mercy, beauty and grace.

If you ever see a green tree, remember to be happy, cheering and always smiling.

Big and huge trees which are full of greenness remind me of our very ancient and old guardians who have sacrificed each and everything for us and still stand in guard for us.

If possible plant a sapling and watch it grow into a mature plant or tree.

Let the earth be green again.

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