White Rice with Strawberry Jam.

A plate of cooked rice with strawberry jam may not sound exciting,  but it very much is.

Long grained Basmati rice is perfect. Cook it in a pressure cooker and after the appropriate number of whistles blows from it, turn the gas off.

Take a frying pan and on it pour a bit of sunflower oil or vegetable oil. As the oil heats up, add a bit of mustard seeds and sauté them or light fry them for a minute or so.

Add the mustard seeds on the rice and serve the cooked white rice in a plate garnished with a bit of fine coriander leaves on the top. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the rice, to add taste to it.

On the side of the plate, add a delicious amount of strawberry jam and with God’s grace and with a spoon in the right hand, eat the rice with the jam. The combination does go well together.

Its a simple preparation, requiring a lesser amount of fussiness and the plain soft coziness of the Basmati rice forges a beautiful friendship with the strawberry jam.

One of God’s own and rare recipes, yet very very much simple and unbelievable. Only those who have had it can know what it is.

Happy Eating!




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