Brimming Tea.


This beautiful and sunny morning, I placed the kettle on the stove and added all the ingredients i.e. sugar, milk powder, tea leaves and water to prepare our cups of tea, when I went and got the newspaper. Simply took a glance at the front page of the newspaper and went to check on the tea.

The tea was still calm and quiet, so I decided to prepare bread and butter with a bit of strawberry jam. The bread was lightly toasted by me and the butter was finely melted.

Tea had started boiling and its nice and fragrant aroma was dissipating all around the kitchen.

I started applying strawberry jam to the bread and in between, I ate a spoonful of it.

Steam was rushing out of the kettle’s nozzle and I reduced the gas, opened the kettle’s lid wherein the tea was brimming and boiling at the brim of the kettle. The sight of the brimming tea made me feel as a tea chef and pretending to be one, I poured the tea into three cups very much professionally.


Drinking the tea felt “uno momento” for us as the tea and the bread-butter-strawberry jam were felt and had in that moment.




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