A Cruise to The Caribbean Islands.




It is one of the most awaited, wanted and visited tourist destinations in the world. The Caribbean islands have for long been on the top of the cruising, vacationing and touring places in the world.

People save money to go there, spending a week or two over there. While many favour cruises from the European countries to the Caribbeans, while few decide to go there via air.


On a cruise, you get to see many small islands and places. Interacting with the natives of such places is another plus point. There are a lot of such places in our vast and huge world, where the main source of income is the amount which they get or earn from tourists visiting such islands from cruises.

france landmark lights night

Like each and everyone, sometimes we too would feel that it would be great if we could go on a cruise to the Caribbeans.

So, one lucky day, we got on such a cruise from Brussels to France and then it went straight to the Caribbean Islands.

The water was turquoise blue and fish and sharks were galore. We watched a show on the cruise where the ballerinas did a fine job showing and presenting their dancing skills. The next day we heard a lady singing opera. The first time we heard the operatic singing, it went over our head, but at the end of the opera singing, a man came on stage and explained to us what the lady was singing. The man explained that it was a song of a mother bird calling to her children, to come back to their nest as the dusk was starting to fall. The next day we could enjoy the singing better.

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The fourth day, we reached the Caribbeans and there were rows of tourist huts placed side by side on the beach. The huts looked normal from outside, but the inside of it was WHOA! Are you kidding me? It was better than any luxury mansion. There was a 80″LED TV, two phones, a huge bookshelf with a few choosy books and a good refrigerator. From the backside of the hut, there was a connecting path leading to a beautiful and clean pool. The water in the pool was light navy bluish and from a few walks there, a group of trees were placed, on whose branches, beautiful birds would come and sit. Out of all the birds which I got to see, a yellow robin was the prettiest and the chirpiest bird which I have ever seen.


There was a game room in the resort and you could play all sorts of games there. There was a que for the sections where ps4 and xbox one were placed..

After taking a tour of the whole place, the first day we went to bed early as we were tired. The next few days, we toured around a few other islands and saw the beauty of nature in this part of the world.


We took an air taxi to a few other small islands.

a any vision archipelago arecales

The best way to enjoy the Caribbeans, is to go the beach, lay down on the beach chair with your favourite book by your side. The cool breezes from the wind, might blow your hat away but such natural and fresh air is good for the soul, mind and the self.


So our tour came to an end and we waved bye to the islands and till it was nearly out of our sights we kept looking at it. The cruise ship did a few stops in between and  while on our way back, there was an excellent comic show which was held consecutively for four days on popular demand. The tour manager had a hard time convincing the comic show team to perform for the fourth day as the team had wanted to rest.


city spain dense

The cruise ship dropped us at the port of Madrid and we took a connecting flight home from Spain and reached our destination city safely. From the airport we took a taxi home and the moment we were about to enter our home, my mobile started ringing and in my attempt to receive the incoming call, I found out that the source of sound of my mobile ringing was coming above from my head as the phone was on my bed still and I was still asleep and it was the morning alarm which was ringing. Neither had we gone on a cruise trip nor had we been to the Caribbean islands. It was a beautiful dream of mine, where I completed a magnanimous trip of half of the world, wherein as in reality, it would take us years together to save such magnitude of money, to go on a cruise. I woke up and told everyone about my dream. Their main comment was –“Keep on dreaming. So that one day it can be a reality.” The best thing about this beautiful cruise dream which I had, was the moment where I was sipping nice hot cappuccino coffee,reading Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes, while the waves splashed water on the white beach.


Adios and a nice journey to the Caribbeans!

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