Potato Dumplings with Baby Spinach and Rice.

This afternoon Ma has made potato dumplings. Ma makes the most beautiful, wonderful and taste bud tantalizing potato dumplings in the whole world. Ma has learnt to make potato dumplings from her mother. I didn’t get to taste my maternal grandmother’s potato dumplings,as now a days she is in heaven and those people there are truly lucky to have her there as she is truly the best cook and chef in the whole world except her mother, who was the previous head chef in her times.

The potato dumplings which Ma makes, are truly and heavenly beautiful. After preparing it she places it in an aluminium serving pot which has a copper bottom. The dish is very much colourful. The gravy is silky red in colour with it’s thickness depending on the amount of spices Ma has used and bobbling up and down in that gravy are those beautiful sweet baby potatoes, peeking a boo at ceiling above. Those baby potatoes look grande yellow in colour. As side dish, Ma had made baby spinach paste and she kept in a dip bowl for us to have it with the dumplings and to keep taste of the dumplings fresh and to stop the evaporation of the aroma of the preparation, she had placed four baby spinach leaves on the top of the top in a quadrilateral formation.

Roti or chapatti goes well with the dumplings, but my mother being my mother had made fresh rice from fine grain basmati rice and each of those rice grain came out long, silky and sleeky.

I brought out two plates from the kitchen cabinet and placed them on the dining table. Ma served the rice on our plates while I served the potato dumplings. The spinach paste dip, the spinach leaves and the dumplings tasted more than something which I can describe. Dumplings in themselves are a full course meal, right from the starter to the dessert and the rice simply made myself feel like visiting the Colorado Springs or Nevada hills for a short ride.

After finishing the meal, I gave Ma a big kiss on both of her hands, for preparing such a meal which was beyond delicious, beyond description and beyond imagination. A person who has not eaten this preparation made by mother, will seldom understand what I have written. The primary reasons why God has made mothers are- to love her child and to prepare the most delicious food, so that her child grows to be strong, healthy, mature, soft, kind, understanding, loving and humble.

potato dumplings 1.png



Image courtesy of Otteroy – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=40928546

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