Music The Greatest Healer.

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Music and its genesis is the greatest gift from God, right after parents and right before food. Music comes from Dev Adi Dev-Mahadev, i.e. Lord Shiva. He is the father of music.

Mahadev Himself is the God of everything in all the worlds and with His grace, music itself had received the boon to heal people.

Classical music is revered by all and listening to light and soft classical music can heal a person.

Listening to music is the best way to relieve one’s self. Now a days, mobile phones can hold a great number of songs and listening to your favourite music and song can heal yourself.

People often go to music concerts of their favourite singer or band. They do so because, listening to that particular music, swaying to those beautiful tunes and enjoying those precious moments, leave an ever lasting impression of supreme happiness and joy.

You will often see that children who don’t want to sleep or can’t sleep at the proper time, go to sleep as soon their favourite song is played to them. Mothers often sing a lullaby or a soft song or their child’s favourite song, to make them go to sleep and in a mother’s soft and warm lap, a child falls asleep as in the most comfortable and best place in the whole world.

Music is the best way to heal anything and do give it a try.

Happy Songs are the best, they are the mood churners, mind healers and rest givers.

Singing along with your favourite song is another mode of giving relief to your soul.

Beating aloud a drum in a proper manner, also gives a lot of peace and help.

Playing a beautiful tune on a harmonium and keyboard, gives a feeling of drinking nectar.

Music is Almighty’s grace, blessings and love to humanity and mankind which often ignores the sound of His tune.

music heal.pngHeal Yourself and adios!


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