Happiness is the only motto in Life.

Happiness is God’s boon to all of us. A smile is all the food that our souls need.  A soul is like a flower and happiness keeps it in place.

A booming laughter can remove all the pain for an everlasting time, though it can cause a bit pain in the stomach.

A baby’s laughter will cause a rippling effect of laughter from each and everyone in the room.

baby girl smiling grayscale photo

A happy doctor who knows how to be happy, can heal and cure a patient with much more care and with a clear mind.

Students while writing their exam papers often get crushed under the sheer density and magnitude of the questions given and get disturbed, thinking about the number of marks they will be getting, while a student who remains happy and calm can write next paper with much more confidence, grace and durability.

Happiness is like a blooming flower.The more you laugh naturally, the more the laughter will bloom.

Laughter is an endless currency which is given to all by God Almighty. The more you laugh the more your currency expands.

Happiness is not a currency, but it is an endless flow of love from Parvardigar. The more you receive his love, the more you can be happy. All receive his love, but a very few can feel it.

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Be Happy and Live Happy!


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