Culture And Literature.

Culture and literature are two sides to being civilized. Civilizations often get lost as soon as a new dimension opens up.

Culture, which includes many points such as the way people talk, the dialect, the respect given to the elders and the success of a community.

Literature, though not given much importance leads a civilization in the right direction. Humans learn a lot from books, stories, old legends, fables, etc.

If a root of a civilization is good, then most of the times, culture turns out to be good and you would definitely find good works of literature in it.

Literature is the basis of everything which ever existed. Most neglect it and they turn out to be over looming heads of economic thoughts.

Culture is the way one learns to read, learns to dress, learns to have his food, learns to behave, learns to talk and makes his way in the society.

Literature is the way by which one keeps his mind fresh and learns all the good things which need to be learnt, provided the literature one reads, needs to be good.

Culture and literature, though now ignored, but yet the civilized ones still follow them.


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