Garden Gnome.

Garden gnome

Garden decorations are a fave these days. Starting right from the garden gnome to ceramic flowers, people are spending a lot of time and price is not a barrier for any good product available in the market.

A big outlet which specializes in garden products, seeds, indoor plants ,outdoor plants, etc., has started selling garden decorations.

I started exploring those decorations but many of them looked shabby and a bit old.

I asked their representative-“Are these garden decorations old?”

Representative-“Yes, sir, they are from our other store and we are selling them at twenty five percent discount.”

I felt disappointed as I would have asked Ma to buy me a nice decoration, provided it be moderate in price.

On the other hand, we had gone there to see if a particular plant was available with them or not and unsurprisingly it wasn’t available there.

We were about to leave from that store when, my eyes fell on a sweet garden gnome, sitting at a corner of a shelf. The gnome was nearly stuffed beside an indoor plant.

It was beautifully painted.It’s pants were painted bright navy blue, shirt was white in colour, it’s cap in shining bright red and it’s beard bright white.

I asked the store representative to show it to me and he brought it out of the shelf and showed it to me. I showed it to Ma and ma too liked it.  We asked the representative, whether it was new or not as the piece looked fresh and new and the gnome was smiling.

The representative replied-“Yes, it has arrived two days back and it costs Rs.3000.”

Hearing the staggering price, we came out of the shop and left for home.

Three thousand rupees for a garden gnome decoration was a very much steep price, but now a days, it doesn’t feel right if something doesn’t cost more than your spending capacity. Everything has to be top notch, high priced and way out of your reach, so that you save pie-pie of your money and as you go to buy that product, it is already extinct by that time.

The garden gnome was truly beautiful, exquisite in style and nice looking decoration, but it was way to heavy budgeted in comparison to my tiny little budget.

Adios and happy gardening!

Garden gnome 2.png

Garden gnome 3.png







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