Extra Dollops of Butter.

This morning Ma was making Laccha Parathas. Laccha Parathas are very delicious to eat, as they are crumbled in circular shapes and then the dough is made into a paratha. Ma was making it with ghee.

Now the ghee has its own distinct taste and smell, which adds aroma to an another degree to the food in which it is being added. Ma made one fluffy Laccha Paratha and gave it to me, so that I could have the paratha fresh and hot with sweet Choondo pickle. I had the paratha and it was very delicious.

As soon as I finished the first paratha, ma served another one on my plate and that paratha tasted even more better. I immediately went to the kitchen and hugged ma. The Laccha Paratha has touched my heart and tummy. Ma smiled and said-“I made the last paratha with white butter, that’s why it tasted so much better and nice.”

I quickly finished my paratha and told ma-“Ma, can I have one more paratha, with extra dollops of butter?”

Ma at that time was frying the paratha and on my asking she added, two tablespoons of white butter to the paratha and after making it, she layered (applied) one side of the paratha with sweet and lime pickle and the other side with sweet Choondo pickle. I had the paratha with happiness, love and with the beauty of Ma’s cooking and I gave Ma a small bite from the paratha and asked her to make the same paratha for dinner also and ma said –“yes, I will make them.”

Hearing such wonderful words from ma, I started dancing around in circles, but as my stomach was full to its brim, I couldn’t do so for long.


Happy Eating and Adios!

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