World Tourism Day.


You read it right. It’s today, the world tourism day.

The word tourism or more preferably –“travel” brings cheer and happiness to my mind. The sheer spirit and energy of having to pack a bag to travel so far or nearby place, brings a smile to my whole body. Those are the happy and happy of all the moments.

The sheer warmth of the plane or train ticket, the printout of the hotel booking and a bit of pocket money from ma and baba , for some small souvenirs are enough for me to sustain the beauty of packing the suitcases.

In India, there are infinite number of places where one can go for a tour. Each and every place has some sort of history, geographical importance and ethnic culture embedded in them and the dialect of a language changes every nine miles in India.

A lengthy train journey will take you through the interior core of the country, while a journey in a local train would show you the speed and swiftness with which people rush to their offices.

Travel not only means going on long trips or going for mountain trekking or a sojourn which encompasses multiple countries and cities; going home directly from school or office is a very important journey which we all must undertake, as home is the warmth and love gifted by God Almighty to all of us. After all, we all started our life’s journey from our mother’s womb.

It is not the distance which you cover that matters, but the completing home run does, otherwise we all would be lost forever.

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