Please get me a chicken burger but without the chicken, please.

This was an uncommon request that we heard a customer made to a waiter at an Italian restaurant.

It was deadly quiet in the morning and only we(ma, baba and me) and this other patron were the only customers in that Italian restaurant at eleven am. The waiters, stewards and the captains were barely awake themselves as they had done the night shift till one in the midnight and then they couldn’t get up early.

A few of them were sitting on the stools and were merciless rubbing their eyes, making them more and more redder. After we had sat on our table it took atleast ten minutes before someone came and gave us the menu card. A waiter came and took our order, yawning a few times in between and he apologized for the yawning, saying-“Sorry, the evening shift went on till one midnight, so I could barely sleep”.

I replied-“Its alright”.

He then proceeded towards the next table to take her order, when that customer said-“ Please get me a chicken burger but without the chicken, please”. This sentence brought him, straight out of the sleep mode and he was looking at that patron with surprise.He replied-“Ma’am we don’t have a chicken burger that can be served without chicken. You can go for veg burger, if you wish.”

The patron-“no, no, I want a chicken burger without the chicken patty”.

The waiter went to the kitchen and he probably had a few words with the chef. He came and replied-“Ma’am, we can’t possibly serve such a burger to you. Would you like to go for something else?”

The patron-“Yes, a glass of pure, cold fizzy water please.”

The waiter served her that.

Our food arrived and that patron sat there for more than half an hour without ordering anything.

Before we left the restaurant, the patron was still there with the menu card still in her hands.


What a chicken burger!

Adios and Happy Eating!

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