Magnitude Of a Writing.

A writing often describes the inner being of a person and gives us a little view into his or her personality. The way the words are written, the styling and placing of the words and the tone in which a writing has been written, says a lot about that person and that person’s knowledge of a particular thing.

A story books written by famous authors gives us a view of the world through their eyes. For example:- a book written by Enid Blyton will always be full of fun, frolic, lessons and fantasy. Simply the author’s name is enough to convince a person about the quantity and quality of the book. But that is not always true. Many people after tasting success, write and publish such articles, books, posts, etc., which are not even worthy of being published.

Writings most of the time, don’t get their justified place in this world. Most of them are buried under superfluous, false and monetarily published writings.

Majority of the people can’t recognize excellent content from normal content. Many become influenced under likes and comments and they lose out the chance to learn, to know and to read a good article.

In my tenth standard, there was a short story about a postman who waited his whole life for his daughter.But she never came back to him to meet him atleast once after getting married. This story was a story which touched me to my core. I forgot about it later, but one day, ma recounted that story for me, and all my past memories came flooding back. This story depicts life’s truth without adding any layer or fantasy to it. Out of all the stories, I have read so far, this story stands out as a milestone, as a guide and as a remembrance for me that everything is unreal in this realistic world.

Sometimes money and time make for value in life than those who truly love and care for you.

In the same way writings also influence us in the same manner.If a person reading a book, an article, a post or any writing, can find and understand its core, then he or she would become a good reader and slowly and steadily could grow to learn and respect that subject. With good and natural writers, good and natural readers are also necessary. Day by day good readers and learners are getting reduced under the sheer volume of technology and social media. Now a days synopsis or a summary of a writing or story has more value than the original material of the writing or of the book.

A writing which has the magnitude to shake up a person’s inner self have vanished from this earth and the ones which are still remaining are often mistaken for chump change of words, wherein they are more precious than priceless diamonds waiting to be found, understood and learned upon.


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