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Sightseeing on a Snowy Mountain.

Snowy mountains which have turned into resorts and are made available for sightseeing, can be generally found in the Asian, European and North American Continents. Snow hill resorts are a big hit among the tourists as they offer serenity, peace, rest, views of the mountainous ranges and offer unique experiences.

The opportunity to go to such a resort comes rarely in life. I had seen such a resort which was built high up in a mountain, nearly at the top. The hills were very high and the tops of the mountains were touching the clouds. The most amazing, astonishing and scary part of this resort was that you could reach to the resort only via cable car. As I saw the length and size of the cable rope, my stomach did a loopy dance and thought of travelling in that cable car at snail’s pace was enough for me to decline the invitation to visit that resort. Still young couples and adventure seekers, hearing about it, go there just to make the most of their lives. As if having your feet on earth isn’t tedious and tiring enough!

Even if there is snowfall for an hour that place gets cut off from the rest of the world.But there are few nice snow mountain resorts, here and there in the world and some of them are really cool. Having a nice cup of coffee in the café of the resort and watching cars go by and seeing birds flying over the white terrains of the mountains and the lush greens is a serenely cool experience.The video reel of such an experience gets saved in one’s mind forever and those memories are the memories which help us take care of ourselves when bad times tide over. They act as the light houses which guide the ships to safety and let them reach the harbour safely.

Do go for such an experience whenever life and money gives such an opportunity, walk through those experiences, enjoy them and hold onto those precious and wonderful memories forever, so that they can be the light houses in your lives and give you enough to stand firm as ATP does for plants.



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