Peeking Out of a tree.


We (ma,baba and me) were out for an evening walk. We had reached the end of the road and proceeded towards the green fields. There were three adjoining green fields. At the end of the first green field, there was a big, strong and huge tree. It was a lone tree standing in the midst of everything and nothing. The tree had two branches which were curved in shape and they had grown out of the main tree trunk and had split into two circular divisions which were going in the opposite directions. Green leaves had grown over the tree and they looked like a wreath on a person’s head.

We continued walking towards the end of the first field, when we heard the sound of a bird. We looked here and there but found none. Again the bird let out a single sound; yet we couldn’t find a single bird here and there. As the sound came again, I looked towards the middle of the tree where the two branches were and what do I see? A red beaked(billed) hornbill was peeking out of those two branches and was calling out. I showed the bird to ma and baba. When we came near the tree, the bird flew and sat on  top of the tree. I guess it was shy that we found out that he was the one who was playing hide and seek with us.

We continued our walk and once or twice it gave us a call from behind. I think it felt the need to say-“Happy walking”.

What a walk!


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