The Morning Bird Sings.

aerial photo of mountain surrounded by fog

In this part of the hemisphere, the sun gets up at about seven to seven ten in the morning, depending on his alarm clock ringing right on time. As soon as his alarm clock rings, the sun wakes up and yawns. Nearly twenty minutes before the sun wakes up, a small bird at a distance of about hundred feet from my house, sings a light melody. If I get up by six thirty in the morning, I can hear it sing then. It has a sweet and melodious voice and it sometimes even raps.

Sometimes, as it rains early in the morning, I can’t hear it sing, but it does let out a tune or two.

Had it been a human being, then it definitely would have earned fame as a singer. Composing tunes are hard enough and singing them with ease is even more harder.

Sometimes, I wonder to myself what if that bird had a guitar? Then it definitely would opened up a band.



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