A Little Squint.

I used to like geography lessons. Those lessons used to hold beautiful, natural and true facts about Mother Earth. Now when I was a young student, one day our geography teacher was telling us about rivers, rivulets, tributaries, different terrains and valleys.As soon as she said the word valleys, a bell rang in my head and I started dreaming that I was in a beautiful valley with my parents.Actually my mother loves valleys a lot and she had told me all about the valleys.

Maybe four or five minutes had passed while I was day dreaming about the valleys, when my teacher called to me -“hey, you! Are you present in this class? Or are you traveling at some other place?”

Me-“No miss, I am present in this class.”

Teacher-“Then please tell me what was the last thing that I said.”

Me-“You were speaking about the rivers, rivulets, tributaries, different terrains and valleys.”

Teacher-“Next time pay attention to what I am teaching or you would be finding yourself out of the classroom.”

Me-“Actually miss, you didn’t notice that today I am sitting in the classroom without my spectacles. The nosepad and the earpiece temple of my spectacle has broken off. So, I went dreaming for a few minutes.”

Teacher-“It doesn’t matter whether you have put on your spectacle or not. Pay attention while you are sitting in the classroom.Why are you sitting on the last bench? Try and sit at the front row benches.”

Me-“Actually miss you haven’t noticed that I am a little squint. That is the reason why I sit on the last bench.”

The teacher came near me and she looked at my eyes and told me-“You are not squint.”

Me-“No miss, I am a little squint.”

Teacher-“No, you are not.”

The whole class-“ No miss, he is squint.”

Teacher-“Why are you all making him a squint when he isn’t? If he is a little squint then I too am.See.”

She too used to wear spectacles and she removed her spectacles and showed her eyes to the whole class.

One girl got up and said-“Miss you are not squint.”

Teacher-“Then he too isn’t. Anyone who calls him a squint shall be punished with triple homework.Now is there anyone is this class who believes that he is a squint?”

The whole class together-“No miss, he is not squint.”

To me the teacher said – “You shall never ever say that you are a squint or I will complain about it to your mother.”

Me-“I am sorry miss.”

As soon as I said this, the last bell rang and the school was over and we all ran towards our home carefree and very happy.


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