Tea and the Little fairy.

Today I saw my fairy crying. I have a picture of a beautiful child fairy hanging on the wall. I saw her crying, so I went and asked her-“ why are you crying?”

She replied-“Can’t you prepare a bit more tea. I drink tea everyday and today I couldn’t.”

I –“What?! You drink tea everyday?”

The fairy nodded her head  fidgeting with her handkerchief,while her eyes looked down.

Me-“But you never told me that before.”

Fairy-“That’s because I drink directly out of the tea cup or pot before you have your tea and mostly you don’t notice any change in the level and quantity of the tea prepared.”

Me-“So, why didn’t you have your tea today?

Crying out aloud again she said-“That’s because the horse splashed all the tea and I couldn’t get any.”

There is a frame of a horse on my wall and I had written a post about him earlier.

I went over to the horse’s frame and saw that tea was splashed over the corner of his frame and I looked at the fairy and I saw her nodding and pointing towards it.

I asked the horse that why had he done so? He said nothing to me and bowing his head down towards the fairy , he let a small neigh.

Hearing his neigh the fairy blew her nose loudly. I told her –“I will make some tea for you right now. I am sorry about his (the horse’s) behaviour.

The fairy went and sat down on her seat and kept wiping her remnant tears with her pretty and beautiful handkerchief.

I told mom everything and ma also agreed with the fairy.

I went to the kitchen and prepared some tea for myself, ma and for the little fairy. I made the tea with milk and sugar and with special tea leaves and I poured the tea into two cups and into a small cup for the fairy.

I kept those cups on the tray and placed the tray on the dining table. I went to the cabinet to get a packet of biscuits and when I came back I saw that the small cup in which I had poured tea for the fairy was already empty and tea in my cup was half gone too. There was a note left on the tray for me and on it was written- “next time pour tea in a regular cup for me. Signed – the little fairy.”

Immediately I went to the fairy’s photo and what do I see? That she was already asleep on the bed, with the covers pulled over her and with her little air conditioner on. Her little home was on the branch of her tree and do you know? She was even snoring a bit.


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