Little Brother and his Four Butterflies.

I used to have a friend who was very small to me and I used to call him my little brother. He had once come to our house and stayed for four days. One day he comes and tells me-“bhaiyya, you know I can catch four butterflies with my right fist.”

He was nearly four and half years old, so I paid no attention to him.

Again after ten minutes he comes and tells me-“I can catch four butterflies with my right fist.”

I paid no attention to him.

Seeing that I was paying him no attention, he started shouting out aloud- “I CAN CATCH FOUR BUTTERFLIES WITH MY RIGHT FIST!”

To keep him calm, I asked -“how is that possible?”

He came infront of me and opened his palms and there were four butterflies made out of chocolate wrappers on his right hand palm and he started laughing at me.

After sometime he started dancing around the room-“bhaiyya ko ullu banaya.” The last sentence was in Hindi.It translates-“I made a fool of my big brother.”

Few minutes later I called out to him and said-“I too can keep four tigers in my right fist.”

He replied-“Impossible.”

I smiled at him.He understood that I was not joking. He sat down and asked- “kaise bhaiyya (How big brother?).

I opened my palm and it contained four toy tigers made of plaster of paris which were made by me.”

Seeing those toy tigers in my hand, he started laughing. He said-“Apne bhi mere jaise  kiya hai (You too have done the same as me.) I said nothing to him.

Nearly after an hour he comes and says to me-“with what did you make those white toy tigers?”

I replied-“With plaster of paris.”

He replied-“Will you teach me also?”


Hearing my reply he gave me a big hug and went to play cricket with our neighbour’s child.



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