The UEFA Best Player Of The Year.

The Union of European Football Associations is grand football body and the UEFA best player of the year is a pretty much hyped and prestigious award and this year, Luka Modric, The Croatian Football Team Captain, has been decorated with this award. His top-class performance in the Football World Cup 2018 held in Russia has definitely  introduced him to each and every football loving house hold. This award brings him the recognition for the hardwork and superb talent that he has displayed on field for his club and for his national team. I have seen him play and he definitely has the talent and the ability to mix in and play at given, wanted or unwanted playing position. Just give him the ball and the ball will find its definite goal. It was definitely a well deserved award. Superb congratulations to him.It is a very strenuous  job to lead, to motivate a team which is not known to play football as better as rest of the famous ones, but he has done a fabulous job of leading Croatia through the world cup and his team mates have also done fabulously and extremely well to bring their nation and team to a marvellous and victorious glory. Luka is best known for playing in the Real Madrid Football Club and before this world cup, most of his fans were the fans of The Real Madrid Football Club, but after this world cup he has gained true fans from all across the globe and his fame has catapulted millions and millions of time. From the knock out rounds, I have seen him play and guide his team to the finals and he has all the qualities to be a captain and be a team player also simultaneously. Generally team captains are a level above the rest.

So, congratulations to him and superbly done work always brings good results.


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