The Nature In It's Beauty, Which Is Still Left To Be Seen, Explored and Marvelled At.

The Nature In It’s Beauty, Which Is Still Left To Be Seen, Explored and Marvelled At.

Nature and mankind goes hand in hand. Wherever you see, you will find something which is natural, beautiful and made by mother earth. Nature is very much still left unexplored by most of us as we don’t have the means and the will to explore it.The Amazon jungle and it’s wilderness is a legend in itself.Many reporters, explorers, wanderers have tried to go there and explore and see what the jungle has or can offer to the mankind.But each time they go, they are surprised to their extreme, as the Amazonian jungle is a complete ecosystem in itself.It is one of God’s most brightest and beautiful creation.You will find birds of different colours flying over there.You can even see multi colour birds over there. Explorers always come back from there with stories of adventures, of awe and of miracles and inspirations. Many times we take God’s creation for granted, but truth be told we all are very small in respect and in stature to nature and Almighty’s wisdom, might and all preserve-fullness. Not only the Amazons, but there are many places world wide and world above, which are seen in minimal. You hardly ever get to listen about them.Sundarbans in West Bengal, India is another such place.It is located in the delta of Ganges and is very famous for Royal Bengal tigers.

The name “Sundarban” itself draws both awe and a sense of extreme and daring adventure. You will hear people say-“OOh, today we had breakfast in London and we will dine in Paris tonight. Tomorrow, we are flying to Zurich and from there we will go to the God knows where.” But you will hardly,rarely and never in your life hear-“We spent a night in the deep dense thick region of the Sundarban jungle.” The thought itself is scary.

Most of the dense forests, all over the world are scary to visit at night.Even the locals over there won’t take part in such a idiotic and stupid adventure. If I ever visit any such place, then I want to be out of there by two in the afternoon. The sheer thought of being there for more than two hours is enough for shivers to run down my spine. I salute those explorers who have spent a night over such places.

A safari tour in an enclosed bus with grills protecting its windows gets scary when you can spot a tiger or a lion near the bus, but there are many explorers who roam in a jungle worldwide in open jeeps and take photographs of animals. It is a sheer Adrenalin experience for them.For there are few people who have the guts to explore nature.

Mountains are another part of mother nature which though explored, have remained unexplored. The sheer beauty and magic of mountains is that they are kings in themselves in each and every way. I have seen a few Himalayan mountains and each one of them looks like a sovereign and independent country in itself. The terrains of a mountain at a height of about a thousand feet and thousand feet can be treacherous, rocky, unsubstantiative and extremely dangerous to climb. Then Swiss Alps are a beautiful example of nature’s handiwork or rather God Almighty’s handiwork and they are simply marvellous to look at. Sometimes it feels as if I am looking at a large chunk of ice lolly. But it isn’t. The Alps too are mystic and magical and they hold many stories and key to many destinies and that’s why they are famous. If you ever get the chance in your whole life, then try and dine on a restaurant on the Swiss Alps. Those moments become truly magical. It isn’t like your weekend dining. Your are having lunch or dinner on the Alps! for heaven’s sake!.It simply blows your mind out.

Nature is motherly, it is mystic and it is magical and it sustains the ecosystem and the human kind.

So explore nature and try to find the wisdom, beauty and nature’s infinite vastness, full of miracles and God’s marvellous hard work and creation.

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