Sweet and Delicious Apple Pie Lunch.

The great and happy apple pie.We all love it.Don’t we? I and ma had it today.

Till five thirty in the evening today we hadn’t had our lunch. We both (ma and me) were very very hungry.Generally during the afternoon time, all the restaurants take a break.So, we had to make do with the food from a nearby cake shop.But, there also nearly all the pastries, donuts and other food items were nearly sold out.They had apple pie, chocolate cake and garlic bread available with them. So we ordered for two pieces of apple pie and bought them.They delivered the apple pies home. Immediately, like hungry dogs we sat down to have it.You wouldn’t believe it.The pie was small in size, but it was heavier than any large sized meal.By the time we had finished nearly a bit more than half of the pie, we were unable to eat anymore.With great difficulty and after a lot of struggle could we finish it. We had to stuff pieces of apple pie in our mouths to make it go down our food pipes.At last when we finished eating it, it was stuck in our throats and wasn’t going down. I was choc-a-block full and couldn’t move an inch.If I had moved, then all the apple pie would have come out as apple goo and I would have had to clean that disgusting mess. On the other hand, the pie was beautiful, delicious, good looking and sweet and sober to eat.There was cream and sugar and it tasted marvellous, but it’s heaviness was over whelming.I have faced such situations before with pies as they are generally difficult in finishing in one go or one at a time.But a small pie would cause me so much trouble, that I couldn’t believe. It took nearly two hours for the pie to go down and settle inside the stomach, but it was a good lunch though it wasn’t an official one.

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