A Pair Of Shoes.

I used to have a beautiful pair of shoes.They were very precious to me. I was five years old when ma and baba bought them for me.They were bubble gummer shoes and lights would flash out of the bottom of the shoes and when walked, they would make squeaking noises. At the store, the store uncle first took my foot measurements and then he bought two or three different pair of shoes and showed them to ma and baba. Ma asked him to try all three pairs on my feet. He did so. The one which they most liked was the one which was very beautiful, nice,modern,latest and made of best quality in the market and had spunk in them, as I have mentioned before that they had lights flashing at the bottom when walked upon. When ma and baba selected that particular pair of shoes, I was very happy and very very delighted and my happiness is lessened to the power infinity if I try to describe it.  Wearing those shoes, I walked up and down on the store floor and while doing so, I was unbelievably happy.The store uncle packed those shoes and I went home wearing my old shoes.

After buying them, when we reached home, while climbing up on the bed, I asked ma-“Ma, when shall I be wearing those shoes?”

Ma replied-“When we go to (maternal) grandmother’s house, at that time wear those shoes and I will help you put them on.”

“Accha ma” was my reply. It means-“ok, ma.”

Two days after, we went to my maternal grandmother’s home in the afternoon wearing those shoes.While I was going there, the shoe’s lights were flashing, but due to the fact that the sun had still not gone down, I couldn’t see the lights properly.

We reached my maternal grandmother’s house and I left those shoes in the verandah.At about eight o’clock when we were coming back, I showed her my shoes.Today she stays with GOD and isn’t there anymore, but it was a privilege and grand happiness for me that I could show her those shoes.

In front of her house was a garden and on the muddy path there I was making those squeaking sounds with my shoes and suddenly my eyes fell on the bottom of my shoes and I saw them flashing multiple coloured lights with navy or cobalt blue being a prominent colour amongst them. There was a white street light falling on my legs and there I could see those lights’ beauty and I showed them to ma and now it feels as if I was watching Aurora Borealis.If you have ever seen it, then you will know that it keeps changing colour in a vibrant way and my shoes’ flashing lights were also flashing and glowing in that same manner.Today, I can’t wear those shoes nor do I have them.Only memories and tears and cheers are what is remaining of it.Just like my maternal grandmother.When she was there all joy and hope existed.Today she isn’t.So nothing does. Everything is nothing and nothing is everything.


Backtracking and that’s all.

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