Beautiful and scintillating green flower.

A Beautiful and Scintillating Green Flower.

A bunch of beautiful green flowers used to grow beside my house on a potted plant.The plant belonged to one of our neighbours.But since they moved to another place, they left their plant on the plain patch where grass grew infront of our verandah.  The flowers which used to grow on that plant were green in colour and were beautiful and scintillating. When sun rays would fall on them, they would turn into bright green shade and when morning dew drops fell on them, it would be a priceless moment for me to watch it.Every morning before going to school I would touch those flowers and shake off the dew.It would be great fun for me. By five thirty in the morning, I would be ready for my school and every single day, I would stand in the verandah and watch those green flowers changing their shade of colour with the rising sun.Sometimes, I would be late for breakfast while watching the flowers and ma would tell me-“do you want to have your breakfast or do you want to keep on watching those flowers?’ I would reply-“I am coming ma.” Saying bye to those flowers, I would rush for my breakfast.

The neighbourhood mali would water the plant regularly.One day his friend informed all of us in that neighbourhood that he was ill and he wouldn’t be coming to work for a nearly a fortnight.So a family in that area took that plant with green flowers to their home,as their daughter had liked the plant and they took care of it.One day, she had come to our house and ma had given her and me a Cadbury chocolate each and she(the neighbour’s daughter) was so very happy that she gave ma a big kiss and pulled a green flower out of her pocket and gave it to ma saying –“aunty, this flower is for you.Everyday, a flower falls down from the plant and I collect them.Today you have given me my favourite chocolate and I will share it with my friend Maria as it is her birthday today.”

Ma-“thank you child for this lovely flower.”

After a few days the mali got well and he too got a green flower from that little girl.

Ma asked the mali to get the same plant with green flowers for us as well.Two days later, he got us the plant and the plant was bigger in size and the flowers were in full bloom.From that day onwards, I would collect a single green flower and offer it to God’s altar in our home. I was very happy to have that plant in my house as I had been a little sad as the family had taken away that plant which used to be on the plain area infront of our verandah and each and every day I would remember that plant.But now, ma and baba had got me the same plant and I was extremely happy.The flowers were very cheerful and lucky for me.


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