Tooth ache.Tooth pain.

Toooooth Painnnnn or (a visit to hell?)

Did you ever have that monstrous, tantalizing and nerve wracking tooth pain? If you haven’t, then you are not human.You are an angel.That too not any plain angel, but a rather special one, because I think even angels have tooth aches, when they see what is going on around the earth.

Did you ever have that marvelous visit to the dentist, wherein after the visit your pain magnified ten times and all sorts of restrictions were placed upon you, then dude welcome to the club. If you haven’t had that extreme pleasure yet, then Lord Almighty is truly merciful upon you.Enjoy his love and mercy till you have to visit the dentist.

I would not share our experiences of visiting the dentists, as they were not pleasant for us,most of the times.Maybe later I will.Disaster may be a better word for it.

Tooth pain is the worst thing in the whole world.It’s damaging, severely nagging and a constant pain in the tooth.It is never ever ending, until and unless you take that dreadful visit to the dentist and have your tooth or teeth worked upon. It’s better to fail in mathematics or even in one’s English exams rather than visit the dentist. The word dentist sends such a shiver down my and many of our spines, that we all pretend that the pain never occurred and all is well in life. But then comes a time when the tooth ache is on the point of such a peak that the visit to the dentist becomes utmost necessary.Now if the dentist is gentle and nice, then you are truly lucky.But if not, then GOD save you. One of their injections in the root canal and it is sufficient to be a reminder for the rest of our lives.

Tooth pain is such wonderfull experience that it loves to stay and prolong forever.Do what you may, it won’t budge an inch until some tough and heavy dose of medication is used to subside it.

It is a human being’s worst nightmare.It can break up a sweet sleep.It can cause havoc during exams and bring a family to a complete halt, if the maternal guardian of that family has tooth ache.

It is a sort of a ultimate punishment from the world above us.Be good or two additional toothaches are coming your way. Many people have given up smoking in the fear that they may lose their teeth or their teeth may become permanently stained due to incessant smoking.But I must say, wives do have a bigger role to play in that, rather than the simple and disgusting staining of teeth.

After all teeth is teeth.Once lost, then adios and bye bye.See you in the next life.

So, amigos, be very careful with your teeth and brush your teeth regularly or who knows? Maybe a visit to the dreadful dentist next door is awaiting you soon.Ha, Ha and Ha.



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