Corniche-The Beautiful Seaside in Dammam (In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

We used to reside in the city of Dammam (KSA) and our house was very near to the Corniche.

The sea side is known as the Corniche over there.The Corniche was a beautiful place and the sea ending was decorated with beautiful white stones.In the night, a visit there would feel as beautiful and marvellous as visiting any famous place of tourism.You can see the Persian Gulf over there and the colour of the water, explains the beauty of Persia, that it once was.The water was deep dark blue at night and calm and serene. Sometimes it felt as it was a part of Hafiz’s poetry.The place was so beautiful. On the opposite side of the corniche, there used to be a bookstore named “Jarir” and ma and baba would frequently buy me books and cds from there. Those were the inexplicable and undefinable moments of our lives.Hope someday, that I, ma and baba can see the Corniche again, even may it be in our dreams.The time has long gone by, from when I had last seen it. It feels as if I have lost my long beloved friend, whom I may never get back again. Time comes and goes away but only memories remain. I was a teen then and those days were days spent in heaven in lieu of bad days for me. I still feel that those days should come back and I can relive those moments again because believe it or not, the time spent there was as beautiful as getting 100 out of 100 in mathematics exam. Sometimes God gives so much and loves so much that afterwards everything feels empty and meaningless.

I have many memories and each is as precious as a priceless gem.Maybe sometime later, I would share one of them with you all.In the meantime, adios and khuda hafiz.

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