The Best Team In This Football World Cup.

This football world cup of 2018 which was held in Russia, was a world cup full of unexpected expectations. While the all the football fans across the world stayed glued at their television screens to see their favourite team win, scores of them were more than disappointed. Many spent the night crying and then gulping their tears down with hearts full of angst, anger and sadness.

What was seen across the performances in this world cup was that nearly all the powerful and famous teams were the poorest performers, while the smaller and hardly famous teams did much better.

Brazil, Belgium, Russia, Germany and quite few teams were expected to do much better and they are highly capable of doing so, but they fell short of reaching their destination.

But out of all the teams that showed their ability to convert nearly every situation to theirs , Croatia stands out as a golden star. They have done extremely well.In the previous world cups except the 1998 one, they have hardly managed to cross the knock out stage and in the previous one i.e. in the year 2014, they didn’t even qualify for the football world cup. This shows that as a team they have improved a lot.As a clap doesn’t come out off a single hand, in the same way a team can’t go so far as they have done without extreme dedication, superb hardwork and a united team effort.

Under the captaincy of Luka Modric, they grown thousand times more. Luka Modric is a world famous player who has been deemed as the player who can play from “any position”.He won the Best Player award in this football world cup. He has the ability to convert any situation to gold.But in his team, he is not alone.Players such as Ivan Perisic, Mario Mandzukic, Vida, Subasic are also players of gold class and rest of their team members are not lesser than them.They too are players of gold class.The whole team is of A+++ grade.It is really sad that they couldn’t win this world cup, but their mind blowing performances have brought them to limelight of international fame and all across the world people who have watched their performances, know in their hearts that they are the real winners of this world cup,though France did great,but Croatia played much better than them.

This worldcup has changed the perspective with which people look at the hierarchical order of top football playing teams and it has been an eye opener for many.Just because someone is a star or team is hot favourite to win a particular match, doesn’t mean anything.It is sheer hardwork, talent, understanding of the situation and oh yes! The most important thing LUCK.

Croatia did a superb job in this world cup and I hope that they win all the accolades to keep their endeavours, hopes, spirits and playing style alive and flourishing. May the road ahead for them be full of them winning and celebrating their games.

There is still a long way to go for them, but they are definitely the champs of the game and as a well as the hearts of millions and billions of people.

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