Scenery of sea through a window.

A window opens in my mind.My mind is not my heart.But, it feels as if I am seeing through it. The vast and the infinite sea is lashing at its edges and the dolphins are playing a game of riding the sea waves in a group of four. With each bulging sea wave they are taking a dip in the sea and with every emerging one, they are getting ready for the next dip.The seagulls are flying high above the sky and the kingfisher bird is looking for it’s prey. There isn’t a single human being, who is sailing on a boat or surfing, but only the sea and it’s ecosystem is visible.Till now the wind was flowing in it’s beauty, but suddenly, a big gust of wind comes and closes the window. I have to give it a big push to open it again and this time I put the stopper into work to keep the window open and when I look into the sea, I find that the kingfisher has got a fish in it’s beak and it is flying to an unknown destination to have it there. The dolphins aren’t playing anymore.They are simply lulling on the waves as if mother earth is singing them a lullaby and as the sun sets down, the colour of the sea changes from navy blue to light dazzling green and it says goodbye to me and slowly I close the window of my mind, to cherish the lasting vision.One day definitely, the sea shall speak to me and let me onto some of it’s secrets.

Till then, Adios!.,

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