Journey to Lake Como.

Dad had gone to Italy on a business trip. After finishing the business trip, his friend who was his guide over there, took him to visit lake Como and that too in his Ferrari car. Lake Como is located in Northern Italy. Dad couldn’t simply believe his eyes. He had been around Italy quite many a times, but the scene at lake Como simply astonished him.It was snowing at that time.The mountains were a perfect background against the serene lake and the snow was settled nearby the lake. I asked him that which mountainous range were those ?He replied- “the Alps”. I had read them in my geography textbooks, but I didn’t know that they were so beautiful.The trees were not flowering then and they had borne a sombre look. Dad didn’t have a camera with him, but his friend took pictures for him and later sent it over to him. It was one of the most unique experiences that he has ever had.Even more unique than riding a gondola. Me and ma we have not visited Italy.The costs are damn high,so we can’t afford to and our health is also not at the top notch of our health meters, but through those pictures I have atleast seen mother nature’s unique beauty. Maybe one day we(ma and me) shall visit Italy in our dreams and see the beautiful evergreen lake Como in it’s full and natural beauty. This lake has healed many a heartbreak, many a loss and has been a source of good luck for many and it is truly one of the evergreen lakes, that can be seen on earth. I am sure that Italians must be very proud to have it in their country.

When the snow started falling at a bit higher pace my dad and his friend quickly drove off, before they could get stuck there.

When you hear about something from someone else it feels as if you have ventured to that place. The whole world is truly a small place and it can only be felt through experience.

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