The morning tea.
Morning Tea., Tea

Morning Tea.

Morning tea is the most essential part of our daily life. Without it our day doesn’t start. It is same for us as is petrol for car. Dad will not move an inch without it and while having it he will read the newspaper and in doing so, his tea would become colder than those Swiss mountains. Till I was in fifth standard, I used to have milk with milo for breakfast everyday.But every now and then I would request ma to give me tea for breakfast.She would gently tell me no, reminding me that milk is essential for growth and for bones and teeth.She would tell me-“your teeth would fall off” and listening to this I continued with milk. From eighth standard,I started drinking tea for breakfast and it felt good.I felt like a grown up.I used to drink tea with relish and taking sips from it as adults do. Then came a time when everyone started telling that how bad morning tea was and all you need to do was drink green tea. So we started drinking green tea and had it for nearly six months and then enough was enough.We reverted back to our sweet own tea with milk.The addition of milk, sugar and a bit of ginger, renders the most beautiful beverage called tea into your cups.Without them the tea feels as empty as dead sea without salts and french fries without the fries. I was travelling with a nearly world famous airlines once, and the tea that they had served was so bland that I had a hard time drinking it.Ma and baba had finished their cups, but I kept on looking out of the window while holding my cup with the tea almost full to its brim and didn’t take a single more sip out of it after the first one.Baba told me-“This is the type of tea that they serve here.You are on an international flight.Drink it up.” I drank it up and immediately had my cheese sandwich to cover the bland taste of the tea. As a result of my delay in having the tea, the air hostess had collected everyone’s tray but mine and gone away. So, I had to press the cabin crew call button and asked her to take away the tray.So, by now you know that the morning tea is very essential for our whole family and without it even international journeys feel boring and unworthy.

So, enjoy your morning tea and relish it, because there nothing as good as it and it’s beauty is unmatched and unparalleled.


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