Friendship Day.

Wish you all a happy friendship day.Yaa hoo! But do tell me this-is it really happy friendship day without your true friend or friends being with you?

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”.This saying we have learnt throughout our childhood. Many a times life presents such situations where friends and friendships are tested to its core. A superficial friend or an advantageous friend will often try to skip out of the friendship, the moment he or she feels the ship is sinking. An outreaching hand is what is needed to keep the tumultuous ship in balance. A phone call, a simple beck that -“my dear friend do not worry, I am there with you and for you” will dissolve all sadness, doubts and anger.That’s what keeps the friendship going. When time comes, the person who stands with you as strong as a pillar and as sticky as cement and firm as a country’s border, know him to be your true friend, even if he doesn’t appear to be one.

You will see that most of the friends filter away with time and in search of money. There are many who don’t give credit to your help and then there are some who make fools out of way. But one in ten or one in twenty shall stand out to be your true friend.

Many who show solidarity and help us along are seen and felt as true friends, but in majority of the cases, one can find that they were doing so to keep their ship from sinking or for a general help out.

The friendship band has become a farce and so are the friendship cards. Out of ten friendship cards bought, maybe only one find it’s true purpose or maybe none will.At the end of the day one can find lying in the dust bins or with scrap dealers.

The selfies taken on this day are a bigger fake than the bands and the cards, but the selfie which the heart captures and stores for the rest of the life are not at all fake.

Out of all the friends we call true, our parents, our guides and our dear own God The Friendliest are our very highest, very best and very-very-very truest friends in our life.

Mother and father are the best friends gifted by God to a person.Even if you go to the deepest depths of the earth or to the highest highs of the sky, you can find none else.

So happy friendship day and “feliz” friendliest day.

Be happy with your own self and with the gifts that God has given you.


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