Jokes- The boy and peanut.

A boy was blowing off peanut shells continuously, while he was eating the peanuts.What he didn’t notice that while doing so, the peanut shells were actually getting accumulated on his pants.His mother came into the room and saw what he was doing.He saw his mother looking at him and he sprang up from his seat and all the peanut shells fell on the floor.

His mother told him-“my sweet child, you are eating peanuts and dirtying the floor? Keep on doing it.”

Son-“Really ma?”

Mother-“Yes, my dear.”

Son-“You wouldn’t scold me?”

Mother-“not at all dear”.

Son-“Thanks Ma.”

Mother-“Don’t bother thanking me. Simply complete your homework thrice and learn the mathematics table upto 30 by tonight.”

Son-“I am sorry ma.”

Mother-“Homework two times and tables upto 25 by tonight”.

Son-“Yes, ma”.

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