July Night Sky.

It’s July and it is raining non-stop. The mornings are grey and dull and the nights are dark and cloudy. It looks as if Almighty has dipped his paint brush in such a colour; that such magnanimous darkness has descended upon earth. Sometimes when the lightning strikes and the thunder roars, I feel as if He is truly angry with us. But it’s not His anger, but his love that makes us survive even under the most boring and worthless and serious and dangerous situations as well.

During these nights the stars cannot be seen and standing at the window pane I can only play with them with my imagination. On the street below, neon light bulbs are flickering and cars are coming and going. There is a non-stop flow of vehicles. By looking at the lights of the cars coming and going, it feels as if a festival is nearby. These lights remind me of the earthen lamps which are lighted during any festival. It feels as if an ocean of lights is floating right infront of my eyes. But as soon as it starts raining, everything becomes silent and serious and everytime it rains and people look helpless and either they open their umbrella to protect them or they start running to save themselves from getting wet but most of the times they end up getting drenched. The car wipers come on and the bikers have a hard time keeping their visors clean.

After this rainy night, everything remains wet. The street, the cars and the rooftops all remain wet.

Morning birds’ wings are also wet. On the other hand the dreams are fresh and bright.

The birds come and eat from my window still, where I give them biscuits and bread. They are a choosy lot.They nibble only the best part of the biscuit and the bread and leave the rest to the flowing wind and it’s microbes. We all can get under the umbrellas but these little birds cannot.

A July night sky is a marvel to watch and it’s a gift from nature to mankind.



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  1. Excellent. A vision which observes in silence.A poetry in a thought. A sailor from window.A friendly friend.A galore who hardly stops. Thank you….

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