Flourishing as a writer.

To flourish as a writer, and even more as a blog writer is nothing less than carrying out the job of the famous Titan Atlas.It is even more harder than holding the sky or the earth on one’s shoulder. The writing which a writer writes must reach and touch the heart of the mass.Without mass appeal and grace a writing hardly gets recognition and the writer cannot flourish and the writing lies hidden in the heap of trashed files. A writer can bring out the cry of a baby, a mother’s pain, a child’s disappointment and a boy’s success in his writings. He can even make a flower blossom and a bird sing in his words. A writer uses words as a all powerful being. It can make and break a kingdom and can make anything happen as per his will and wish. But seldom does this happen, that a writer gets what he wants. To get an audience that too a good audience is quite difficult. It takes time to connect with an audience or any in that case. Sometimes it takes even months or years.

The only thing that can’t stop a writer from writing is when he gets his mojo.The moment he has it, no one can stop his writing from flourishing. Words flow like water flows from a dam.

Flourishing as a writer is not defined by how much the writer earns.It is completely based on two facts that whether the writer is happy writing or not and whether he can keep on writing irrespective of anything.


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