Still Can’t Believe That Croatia Lost The Final.

This rainy, windy and thundering morning of 16th July 2018, when I got up from my sleep, the feeling that the football world cup 2018 in Russia was over the night before didn’t quite sit right with me. As I was rubbing my eyes after getting up from my sombre sleep, I realized again that Croatia had lost, being so near to the win of a lifetime. It was hard for us to digest this fact.We were feeling lost and utterly disappointed.

It was really hard for us to believe that such a beautiful team, coming so close to winning a hard worked and well deserved trophy, but losing it in the last match was very sad for us.

This brave Croatian team would be etched and deeply rooted in the hearts of true football lovers forever and forever.

They are heroes of this world cup and will remain so and again congratulations to Luka Modric, the Croatian captain for winning the best player award of this football world cup.

May they go miles and miles after this and win all possible tournaments and series and bring more glory to their proud nation.

In our imaginations, the Croatian team has already lifted the golden trophy of this football world cup which was held in Russia.

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