Kiwi the Nutritious Fruit.

The round green fruit which is known as kiwi is a highly nutritious fruit which is full of vitamins.

It is brown,green in colour and is a bit horny on it’s skin and tastes sweet and a bit tangy.

A few years back ma had decided that I should have the kiwi fruit regularly. So went to the local shops to buy kiwi, they were very hard to get.It was not at all available.Then a new and a big supermarket came to our relief and there we found dozens and dozens of kiwi imported from New Zealand, the States and other countries. We bought four-five kiwis and had them at home.

When I first tasted the kiwi fruit, it removed all my inhibitions about it’s taste and  and quality.Kiwis are a first class fruit. Those days kiwis used to cost a lot, nearly, Rs.100 a kilo, but now a days they are found at every local vegetable and fruit store and but they still cost a lot with their prices reaching nearly Rs.175 – 200 per kg.

It is an extremely nutritious and good fruit to have. It is very good for one’s health.

Happy Eating.

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