Extremely saddened by Croatia’s 4-2 loss To France in the Football World Cup Final 2018 in Russia.

Congratulations to France for having won the 2018 Football World Cup Final in Russia. Croatia is a small nation in the European Union with a population of 4.3 million. No one thought that they would be able to enter the knock out stage of the world cup, but they surpassed every expectations and entered the knock out stage and eventually won the quarter finals and the semi finals with natural grace, sportsmanship and team work.

We were rooting for the Croatian team from the moment they reached the top 16. Watching their every game felt like witnessing something extraordinary and intelligent. With their each goal we celebrated and with their every win we danced.

The first goal by Ivan Perisic in their semi final match versus England was beyond excellence.

Yesterday, we were rooting for them to win the finals. We even got up early from our sleep to watch the final. But it was sheer bad and dusty luck that they couldn’t equal with France, which would have lead to extra time and the penalties and we all know that Croatians are the kings of penalties. After their loss to France, we had lost our appetite and the night felt extremely dull.For few minutes we couldn’t believe that they had lost.When the Croatian team sat down for a team picture, it felt as if they had won the world cup and at any moment they might lift the golden world cup.As Croatian fans we were more disappointed that this talented and mighty team couldn’t win this match.It should have been a walk in the park for them.Losing the final was a completely different issue from losing the match.

Whether be it Modric or Perisic or Vida or any other player in the Croatian team, they all play with superb team spirit, teamwork and extreme hard work.

This date of 15th July, will be etched down the lanes of History, as the day when a deserving and a extremely capable and a highly talented team lost to their opponents.

As the final was full of surprises, so was this football world cup.I wish that the Croatian football team reach their peak of footballing heights very soon.

Watching them lose, we i.e. ma,baba and me, were as sad and unhappy as the rest of the people rooting for the Croatian team.Tears were nearly knocking at our eyelids.

Last but not the least,salute to the Croatian Football team. Their play, their game and their way of scoring goals was something which we had not seen for a very long time.

We are perpetual fans for life of this current Croatian Football team.As this edition of the football world cup has come to an end, I do hope that Croatia’s dream run continues and this magnificent team of theirs continues to win hearts and accolades one after the other and be legends for life to remember.

The extreme happiness for Croatia in this final was that Luka Modric, their captain won the Best Player of Football World Cup 2018.

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