Do books need reviews?

As soon as a book comes out, millions and trillions of reviewers rush out to give a first hand review of that book. Then nearly triple the amount of reviews come out, gorging on the fact that whether the book was good or not, whether it bested it’s prequel or sequel or not.Whether the author had written it upside down or front side back are the things that the reviews cover mostly. They hardly help the sales of a book. On the contrary people who like and love to read books, browse through a single book for hours before deciding to buy it or not.

Now a days many coffee shops  and restaurants provide the liberty of reading books while having tea, coffee or food.Some even charge a paltry amount for it. These establishments often do a good job of promoting books.

The books which become popular and are often converted into series, generally have good reviews based on their popularity, but the books whose sales are limited to a hundred thousand or two hundred thousands, are generally sold due to them being displayed on the book shelf or through advertisement like banners and small ads advertised in the newspapers.

A good book or a great book is not at all dependent on reviews. It is dependent on the facts that what it’s material covers ,how much sales reach does it have and what is it’s price? A book won’t sale if you simply keep it placed on your bookshelf.A bit of marketing is required.

Subsequently, the more the author writes and refreshes his writing with time and methods, the more chances are there that the book would flourish.

Reviews or no reviews, when you see a good book, your heart knows it.The binding, the cover,the picture and those printed letters and the nice old smell of pages of a book give the feeling of assurance that when I read this book, I will be happy , enthralled, joyed or overjoyed,excited and smiling is what keeps the boat sailing for that book.Otherwise it will be like a ship lost at the ocean.


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