A boy paints my father's shirt and pant with honey.

Mr.Sticky Fingers.

At a restaurant near our house, we (ma,baba and me) saw a spectacular scene.On the table adjacent to ours a family was dining. They had a small child aged about two and half years old. We were having our dinner peacefully and serenely, when dad saw that a small hand was touching his back and his back was feeling a bit sticky. The small child had come over to our table and had been tapping baba on his back. When baba looked back to see what was happening, the child ran away. I told baba that the kid had something sticky on his fingers and had applied that thing while tapping him on his back.

Then again after sometime the kid came and tapped his little fingers on baba’s pants.As soon as baba looked downwards to his right side, the kid showed his hand which was dripping full of honey. We hadn’t noticed before that on their (the child’s) table their was a big barney or jar of honey, which they might have got as complimentary with any one of their dishes that they had ordered.  Giving dad a big smile, that kid went to his table running and got up on his chair and dipped his hand in the barney of honey and wiped his hands on his mother’s back . Before she could react, that kiddo had ran away to this cash counter and was hiding behind the cashier.His mother got up and picked him up from the cash counter and washed his hands.When they returned to their table, the kid’s mom returned the honey jar to the waiter and sat down again to have their dinner.When we were leaving the restaurant, that child waved bye to my baba.

That kid was a cheerful child and his innocence touched my heart.So he was Mr.Sticky fingers for me.

P.S. The kid’s parents didn’t apologize for his behaviour nor did they acknowledge that their child was causing trouble to others.

N.B.-Baba means father.

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